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The Bloodline

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The headliner in our New Breed lineup, The Bloodline makes a bold impact with quiet confidence for those who know they carry the bloodline of Kings. 

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We Are All Born Kings

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The Spotlight

A Letter To Our Kings Bred Family

When we decided to start Kings Bred 3 years ago, it was not only to start a business, it was to begin a movement and create a brand that represents our people.

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Artist Spotlight: Sergio Elias

Q&A with SERGIO ELIAS: We’ve had the privilege of being a part of Sergio’s rise into the spotlight and sat down with him to talk about his journey and the process.

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DJ Dynamiq X Kings Bred Collab

A look inside DJ Dynamiq's kingdom, how he is redefining royalty, and how the natural fusion of music, fashion, and art brought the exclusive DJ Dynamiq x Kings Bred collaboration to life.

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