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About Us

Born and bred in Los Angeles, CA by multi-platinum record producer Giovanni S. Ortega and co-founder Manuel Roa, Kings Bred was founded on the belief that royalty is in all of us.  We are empowering and encouraging anyone, no matter who they are, or where they come from to become a master of their own craft through hard work, passion, and resilience. Kings Bred itself is proof that we can overcome adversity and accomplish anything.

Our bold ‘KB’ logo stands out as a centerpiece icon of empowerment and leadership because Kings Bred manifests the idea that we are all born kings.  We carry the bloodlines of champions because royalty is bred in our heritage, rich with the legacy of family, love, life, and tradition.

Quality & Tradition is the fabric of Kings Bred and every stitch on the product we make. Our products are made with pride, passion, and perfection. We put confidence into our craft, and our family feels it when they wear and experience Kings Bred- the fit, the style, the culture, and the energy.