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Article: A Letter To Our Kings Bred Family

A Letter To Our Kings Bred Family

A Letter To Our Kings Bred Family

A Letter To Our Kings Bred Family

When we decided to start Kings Bred seven years ago, we had no idea the wild ride we were about to take. Our only hope was to begin a movement and to create a brand that represented us and our communities.

We come from women-raised households. Our mothers and grandmothers raised us to be leaders just like them. These independent women inspired us to bring out the best within us. They educated us about family, tradition, empowerment, and culture. They coached us to work hard, conquer our fears, chase our dreams and never give up. They are more than queens to us. They're our Kings, the greatest of them all.

Because of them, we take our craft seriously to produce quality apparel. When you get your hands on our our pieces, you join our Family of Kings. We want your fit to give you that confidence and poise that has led our way.

Our journey hasn’t been easy, but we’ve enjoyed the process every single step of the way. We’ve failed many times, sometimes shedding tears over the losses. But, we've had some great success too. We uplift each other when life hits us with challenges and celebrate our victories together. We've learned that teamwork wins it all! 

We thank you for being part of our family. You have made us dream more than ever. You've motivated us to pursue those dreams even if they feel out of reach. Together, we hope to expand our roster of great leaders and grow the Kings Bred movement. We believe that we can return the favor and inspire the same within you. When you step out and face the world, just know that you are...

Fit for Greatness.



- Giovanni Ortega and Manuel Roa


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